Selling Off-Market

Selling Off-Market

What is Off-Market Property Selling?

For years, agents have often been quoted as saying,  "How do I sell a secret?" Often vendors are reluctant to sell their property in the traditional manner of signage and open homes allowing neighbours and friends to view their home.

Through experience, we are also aware that many purchasers would prefer to purchase their property off-market to allow them to be kept under the radar.

We tailor the marketing of your property through various media but with limited information. Enough to entice a potential purchaser but without revealing too much about the specific location or owner.

You can be assured of our utmost discretion as the vendor or purchaser.

The benefits of selling Off-Market are:

    • Discretion and confidential service
    • Assured privacy
    • Reduced marketing fees
    • Qualified registered purchasers
    • Point of difference in the sale process